Suplidora Suriel, C. por A., is a company constituted according to the laws Of the Dominican Republic, it was founded in the year 1990 by Mr. Pablo Suriel Langumas, giving beginning to its operations in the local market in the month of March of the same year, having like base Santo Domingo city, capital of the Dominican Republic whose main activity was the sale of ALCOHOLIC DRINKS AND TO ENDS, among which we can mention: PRESIDENT BEER, BRUGAL RUM, WHISKY NET AND BLACK LABEL, among others.

In the year 1995, we begin the exports from Dominican Republic to several ISLANDS OF THE CARIBBEAN (ST. MAARTEN, ANGUILLA, AMONG OTHERS) of non traditional products, among which it is necessary to mention; coffee, canned, green pigeon peas, cosmetics, Brugal Rum, turpentine, creolina, Bay Run, coconut Milk, Induveca Salami, Baldóm Products, Mac Albert Whisky, La Fuerza Wine, etc. This initiative allowed us to eliminate the local division in the year 1996, in order to give pursuit in a consistent way to this initiative, achieving with this to offer him a lot a service but efficient to our international clients, obtaining as a result based on an arduous work philosophy, a growth sustained chord with the new world commercial order.


OUR PHILOSOPHY: Stability and consistency in our service to maintain the satisfaction and our clients' dependability.


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